What Women Look For on Adult Dating Sites

More and more women use adult dating sites to find men to have an affair with, to hook up for casual sex or to fulfil a gap in their married life. We spoke to the guys and gals at mynaughtyfriend.com one of the UK’s leading casual dating sites to try and find out what women look for on adult dating sites.

What do Women Look for on Adult Dating Sites?

Joining an adult dating site like mynaughtyfriend.com isn’t that different from joining a regular dating site. Women may not necessarily looking for traditional romance, but they are still attracted to the same kind of things in men regardless of the fact whether they are looking for a one night stand or long term commitment.

It is important to keep this in mind when you join and create your dating profile so that you can still create a good first impression. So what is it that women look for when they join an adult dating site?

Women Look for Attraction

Yes, I know, this may seem shallow, but one of the first things that will get a women interested in you is whether she is attracted to you or not.

From surveys we do with our members we know that women will only contact those guys they find attractive. Keep in mind that attractiveness is very subjective. Just like some guys like skinny tall women others may like petite curvy ones. The same goes for women; don’t think that all women are looking for dark haired, tall muscular guys with chiseled chins.

One of the ways to stand out and make your self look more attractive is by putting a little bit more effort in your profile picture and only selecting the ones that show you at your best.

They don’t have to be professionally shot pictures or particularly posy ones, but pictures that are in focus, well lit and recent will set you apart from your competition.

Women Like to Meet Positive Guys

Women who join adult dating sites are looking for fun, they want to have a good time, be entertained, have fun and enjoy amazing sex. They don’t want to listen to a guy who moans about his wife, his ex girlfriend or the things that are going wrong in his life. Those things can really put a damper on the whole dating experience and will guarantee that your first date will be your last one.

Even if things may be bad in your life right now, leave those topics for another time. Keep your conversations upbeat and only take about the positive things in your life. Adding a touch of humour in the conversation or during the chat sessions will certainly help to lighten the mood.

Women Want Maturity

Once a woman is attracted to you she will start assessing you as potential dating material or a possible lover. She will do this by looking for other signs or characteristics she finds attractive in a guy.

Maturity is one of those things which, surprisingly, is often the next thing at the top of a woman’s wish list. Important to note is that maturity is not necessarily linked to age, but more to a guy’s attitude. Women will be more interested in a guy for an adult date if they think he is more mature and has an attitude that will make for a more successful dating experience.

Women Value Honesty

When you fill out your profile the temptation can always be to embellish things a little bit. Dating sites can be quite competitive so guys try and show themselves off in order to create a good impression. Adding an inch to your height or shaving a few pounds of your weight may not be a huge problem to most women, but telling downright lies or making yourself out to be something you are not will only lead to disappointment.

Women appreciate a guy who is honest and are distrustful of men who lie.

So if you are a guy who is thinking of starting adult dating you need to keep in mind what may or may not appeal to women and how you come across online. If you take a little bit of time to write your profile and follow our advice then you will find that plenty of women are interested in dating you. Now that you know what women are looking for you can work on those attributes to make your self stand out.