What are the Common Rules for Dogging?

Dogging Tales

Dogging certainly has got more popular nowadays and because of this a certain set of rules, call it a dogging etiquette if you like, has evolved. These are of course not rules that can be enforced, but they are some ways in which doggers behave to make sure that everybody has fun. If you follow these unwritten rules for dogging and spot the signals then you won’t go far wrong.

When you go dogging you will notice that there are two different groups of people. There are the participants who are the people who are actively engaged in sex either by providing a show in their car or outside or fellow doggers who have joined in the fun.

And there are the watchers, these are the people who are just watching the show and what else is going on. They may be new to dogging and not sure what to do or simply like to see what is going on while they touch themselves.

So lets have a look at some of the dogging rules for participants and watchers.

General Rules for Dogging

Like with anything new, if it is your first time dogging things may be a bit strange or unfamiliar and it can be easy to balls things up. So here are some of the tips and rules we have gathered from our experience and from fellow doggers.

Use your common sense and be safe

I know this really shouldn’t need explaining, but too many new doggers still make the mistake of thinking with their cock and throwing caution to the wind. Keep in mind that you are in a public place and that it will most likely be after dark so just keep a cool head and make sure you are safe.

Be polite and courteous at all times

Chances are that the people you meet while out dogging will be complete strangers to you. They may be nervous too and not sure about who is there. So being polite will put other people at ease and things will be more relaxed.

Be patient

Dogging is a numbers game and as with anything there are quiet nights and there are busy nights. Most people will come out once it gets darker so during the summer it may be a bit later in the evening before they will come to the popular dogging locations. If things do get busy, keep in mind that you are all there for the same reason so if you have to wait your turn, do so and don’t jump the queue so to speak.

Accept that most dogging will happen over weekends and usually after dark

Couples and single women that go out dogging will do so mainly over the weekend because they are both free and they don’t have any work or family commitments. So don’t be disappointed when you turn up at a popular local dogging park on a Wednesday evening and find it deserted.

Make sure you know how to handle yourself

If it is your first time then things can get quite exciting. Maybe you have been fantasising about it for weeks, so the anticipation of actually being there can be a bit too arousing for some doggers. If that happens, just shrug it off, take a break and wait your next turn.

Look out for dogging signals

There are a number of signals which people use when out dogging, either to signal they are interested or to attract fellow doggers. Some of the more common signals are:

  • Flashing of headlights: This usually means that people are wondering if there are there any other doggers nearby.
  • Interior light is left on: This usually means that the occupants want to be watched. You can watch who they are doing if the car interior light is switched on, so do not wander around looking into people’s cars unless it is ok to do so.
  • Window half rolled down: This usually indicates that oral sex is on offer if whoever in the car feels up for it.
  • Window fully rolled down: This usually means that touching is allowed.
    Door left wide open: This usually means that whoever is inside the car signals that full sex is on offer, but make sure that that is the case and that it isn’t just because things in the car got too hot.

Be discrete

One of the exciting things about dogging is the anonymity and the fact that you are all strangers. So if you see someone you recognise, do not address them by name. Just pretend you don’t know them.

Know your legal rights, and be prepared to stand up for them

It is extremely rare for the police to turn up at a dogging area, but if they do, do not ask the officer if you can feel his truncheon. Dogging may not be illegal as such but the interpretation of what is going on can be up to the police officer that pulls up. So do some research as to what your rights are and what to say and not to say.

There will be an age difference

Dogging still seems to be a more mature past time so be prepared for people out dogging to be older than you.

Leave your valuables at home or securely locked in your car

Again, this should be common sense, but it is worthwhile to point it out again. You are on a car park or secluded lay by at night, in the dark and some people will take advantage of this so make sure you lock things that you don’t need away.

Pictures and filming

Every one has a great camera or video recorder in their phone these days. The temptation can be great to take a quick snap to show your mates at work how you got a blowjob by a hot milf in the car park, but don’t. Dogging is a discrete event and people like their anonymity so filming or photography is usually not allowed. So put your phone or camera away and just enjoy the experience.

Respect your fellow doggers

Show respect to your fellow doggers and especially to any women that are present. Keep in mind that without them there it would be a circle jerking sausage fest.

Rules for Dogging for voyeurs

Voyeurs or watchers are the doggers who enjoy other people having sex, but despite not taking an active part there still are some rules to follow.


Good hygiene is very important. Make sure that you are clean, fresh and smell nice. There aren’t many people that are going to be interested in letting you watch what they are doing if the smell of your week old unwashed cock and arse is putting them off.

Condoms are essential

You may not plan on taking part when you leave home, but you may change your mind when you actually get there, so take a condom or two with you in case you do fancy joining in.

Ask before you play

If you do decide to join in, it is essential that you ask first. Don’t just thrust your dick in someone’s face or grab their boobs. Remember what we said earlier on: be polite and courteous at all times.

Make sure you understand the dogging signals

We already touched on this in the previous section; look out for some of the more common dogging signals. Watch if the interior light is left on, you can watch and chat to the people in the car if the windows are rolled down, or you can join in if the car door has been opened from the inside.

Check your surroundings before you leave

Once you have had enough of your dogging adventure, make sure that you take all your belongings with you before you leave. That includes any used condoms, tissues or any other thing you may have used while you were out. No one likes to see used condoms lying around in a public place and it may actually lead to complaints from the public and more frequent police controls.

Also have a quick look round your ankles before you leave. It is always possible that a wallet, your phone or keys may have dropped out of your pocket, so again check before you leave.

Rules for Dogging for Participants

Participants are the people who are actually having intercourse at a dogging location, they are the ones that are providing the action so to speak.

Know your limits

It is easy to get carried away in the heat of the moment when you are turned on and different people are groping you. Make sure that you and your partner (if you are dogging as a couple) know each other’s limits. Discuss beforehand what you want to do and what not, what to expect and if you will invite others to join in.


We already touched on that before, but be clean. If you want others to join you in the fun, you need to make sure you are clean and hygienic.

Safe sex

Always make sure to practise safe sex, after all you will be having intercourse with complete strangers so minimise the risks to your health. Most guys will (or should) bring condoms, but it is always a good idea to bring plenty of your own condoms. It may also be worthwhile to bring some lube even if you don’t think you may need it.

Clear signals

Make sure that are aware of the common dogging signals and that you are clear to your fellow doggers.
The normal dogging signal is to flash your lights once to attract attention. Leave the interior light on if doggers can come and watch you, and wind your windows down to give them a closer look and open a door if you’d like them to touch or join in.

Flashing the car brake lights used to be a common signal, but it is not as popular these days because of the confusion it may cause with non doggers.

Once you are ready for action, simply turn the interior light in the car on and off a couple of times and then leave it on. That way people know you are ready and want to be watched.

Enjoy yourself

Dogging is all about excitement, fun and kinky sex. Let other people know you are turned on, be noisy and moan loud if that’s your thing and show you are enjoying it. The more it looks like you’re enjoying it, the more people will enjoy watching.

Dogging and the rules for dogging are always changing, but the rules we have talked about in this article should help you to get a good idea of what to do or what not to do and have some fun.

If you are interested in going dogging or want to meet up with doggers in your area, then why not sign up to a dogging site today and organise to meet with people in a local car park tonight.