How to Get And Keep The Body Women Love

FACT: your BODY is an ESSENTIAL part of being attractive to women.

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about this matter.  There’s no getting around to maintaining a great body that’ll keep women interested in you.

But before you start panicking, let me just say that it’s NOT what you think.

Maybe you’re already spiralling into a heap of self-pity at the thought of perfectly sculpted male models flaunting their brawn in magazines.  Perhaps seeing those flawless celebrities on TV with screaming women in the background will lead you to think that you can’t possibly measure up to them.

Perhaps you want to scream, “But, hot women will ONLY go for men like THOSE how could *I* ever hope to date chicks of that caliber?!”

Well my friend, I want you to gather all those pre-conceived notions you have about physical looks and take a sledgehammer to them.

It’s all part of reprogramming your ideas about seduction and attraction, which begins with Meet Your Sweet’s groundbreaking book for men: How to make her crave you

make women crave you

Got it?  OK’

So: if you believe that you have to look like those guys in order to be outrageously attractive, you’re dead wrong.  Look at the world around you and you’ll know I’m right.

Take a stroll around the shopping mall, a park or any other populated area. You’ll find average-looking guys who DON’T look like an actor are holding hands with the hottest babes in the vicinity.

I’m talking about the men who make you think ‘HOW in the hell did she end up with HIM?’

Are you going to tell me that those men are just a fluke?  Are you going to deny the fact that they simply know something that you DON’T?

Take the shutters off your eyes and realize that you too can pull this off!  If a regular guy (on the outside at least) can date beautiful women, you can surely do the SAME.

The good news is that your less-than-perfect body is VERY much capable of attracting hordes of gorgeous women.

Even rock stars who dress like they crawled out of a dumpster are able to draw women like moths to a flame.  Well, maybe they’re a freak exception because of the baked-in charm that comes with being in a band.

Those guys live on another plane of reality, so the non-rock star demographic can still score big with the beautiful and brainy ladies.

How can you change?

First of all, you need to wrap your mind around this basic truth: the ability to attract women NEVER comes from an outside factor.  It’s already within you, and all you need is to get accustomed to using these inner traits.

Thus, you need to STOP comparing yourself to other men.  Doing so is the path to madness.

OF COURSE there’s going to be someone who’s thinner, brawnier, richer, taller, or stronger than you.

BUT does that have anything to do with your own attractiveness?  Does the existence of ‘better’ men statistically reduce your chances to have a sizeable piece of the action?

That’s a big ‘N’ to the ‘O’.  There are literally millions of women out there, and at least a handful of them will find you attractive.

Yes, YOU.  They can AND will see you in an attractive light if you unlearn whatever standards of physical beauty you’ve been made to believe in.

Don’t fret about losing ALL the good women to other guys; there’s plenty enough to go around for everyone.

The problem with us guys is that we’re primarily into the visual aspect of attraction when it comes to selecting a partner.   Before a man finds a girl attractive, she’s gonna have to fit into his particular set of criteria.

This is why some men automatically ASSUME that women think the same way.

REALITY CHECK: NOT all women need their man to have impossibly good looks to feel attracted to them.

Look, I’m not saying that better-looking guys don’t have an advantage.  But what I am saying is that YOU don’t need those things to attract women yourself.

And I’m not trying to contradict myself by saying that looks ARE important.  It’s just that it’s not important in the way you might THINK it is.

Let me re-frame your concept of looking good.  Physical attributes matter in a ‘I-look-after-myself-and-care-about-being-a-clean-presentable-man-who-is-serious ‘about-meeting-women’ kind of way.

In other words, it’s more of showing everyone that you have the HABIT of looking the very best you can.

Even a naturally handsome guy would horribly lower his chances if he let himself go.  You know: not taking a shower, not shaving, letting his fingernails grow disgustingly long, and so on.

Basically, you’re gonna have to be at your physical best, regardless of the mug you were born with.  NO ONE is exempt from this ‘ well, at least those who want to meet and date women.

Health and fitness

Let’s get the matter of fitness out of the way.  Even guys who are overweight can get beautiful women, but you’ll have an easier time if you have a relatively proportional body.

Besides, ANY guy will stand to benefit from working out on a regular basis.  But it doesn’t have to be like the inhumanly merciless exercise program that the cast from ‘300’ had to go through.

You don’t need a six pack, nor are you going to war with the Persian army.

All you need to do is come up with a reasonable schedule (like 2-3 times weekly) for cardiovascular activity.  Don’t let the age-old ‘I don’t have time’ excuse get in the way.

Even if you weren’t trying to attract women, working out regularly has been clinically proven to greatly reduce the risk of getting all those life-threatening problems you always hear about.

Not to sound preachy, but if you’re not going to do it for the ladies, at least do it for your own well-being.  Any guy who stuck to a fixed workout schedule is bound to lose a few pounds at the very least!

Just as a warning, don’t try one of those fancy-schmancy diets you might have heard about.  It’s not a good idea to shock your system by radically changing your eating habits.

You’re better off consulting with a licensed dietician, nutritionist or physician for sound and realistic advice on eating healthy.  You could probably stick to working out, but improving your diet (read: not starving yourself) is going to give you quicker results.

Ok, now we move on to DETAILS.  Women love a guy who pays attention to details, so I’ll give you a quick walkthough on this matter.


Let’s talk about HAIR.  Get a reputable stylist to sit you down and figure out which style TRULY matches your facial features and the general shape of your head.

For instance, guys who are balding should just go all the way and shave their thinning dome.  Don’t let errant, lingering, hairs dampen your sex appeal (think about Bill Murray’s character from the movie ‘Kingpin’!).

Beards and other forms of facial hair are fine as long as they’re trimmed and properly kept under control.  Unless you’re only interested in fans of ‘Lord of The Rings’, don’t think that sporting a Gandalf beard is going to improve your chances.

The same goes for hair from the chest downwards.  Modern technology has made it easier for guys to trim these areas, so invest in an electric razor or any other method that will help you in this regard.

Would you want your date to neglect her nether regions as well?  Didn’t think so.  Be a pal and return the favor.

Additionally, watch out for any stay hairs coming out of your ears or nostrils.  Clippers and tweezers don’t cost much, so pick one and get to work.

Hands and nails

Women spend an enormous amount of time on getting their nails done; either in a salon or by doing it themselves. Believe me, it may seem like a small insignificant matter, but women WILL notice your hands. So it is important to make sure that your finger and toenails need to be short and free of any grime underneath.  If you have the budget for it, go to a men’s salon because they often include a foot scrubbing service along with the package.  Otherwise, a pair of clippers isn’t going to break the bank.


When you smile at a woman, what will she see? A nice row of fairly whites or a pair of gnashes that wouldn’t look out of place on an extra of the walking dead? This day and age there really is no excuse anymore to have bad teeth or dental hygiene.

Now you don’t need to have a set of hollywood pearly whites, but crooked or yellowish teeth need to be treated.  Check with a specialist on which option will work for your budget, you would be surprised at how cheaply things can be done, sometimes even as part of an NHS or free dental plan.  There are plenty of options out there, such as kits you can use at home, or setting an appointment with a qualified dentist.

Trust me, a polished smile is eye candy to women and they’ll definitely NOTICE it.  So make the effort to do something about this matter.

Clothes and wardrobe

Clothes are a bit of a tricky subject because everyone has different ideas about fashion.  On a basic level however, your appearance must tell women that you took the time to look good by choosing threads that work best on your frame.

(Again, NOT about physical perfection’)

Generally, clothes with holes and torn seams are a no-no.  Shirts and pants that are old and worn out give the impression that you’re immature and don’t care about looking nice for the ladies.

When it comes to picking out stuff that’ll look good on you, ask your friends and sales staff to help you make a decision.  Sometimes it takes another pair of eyes to REALLY figure out the exact kind of clothes that suit your specific body type.

While your socks, shoes, belts, and wallet need to look crisp and neat (no scuffs or other battle damage please), they don’t exactly have to cost you a pretty penny outright.

Plenty of quality stuff is on sale in most shopping malls, so start looking there.  There’s always a good bargain to be found if you take the time to look!

Lastly, don’t overstuff your pocket.  Try not to put anything in there except for your wallet, cellphone and car keys.  The less bulkier your pockets are, the sharper you look.

And that about does it.  Remember, setting aside enough time for these things will benefit you greatly because it will manifest in how you look.

Women will see AND appreciate the effort you’ve gone through.  If we’re defined by what we do repeatedly, then imagine what a habit of good style and grooming can do for you.

They don’t even have to say it ‘ you’ll find that they’ll naturally be more open to chatting with you and you’ll have an easier time approaching them.

Furthermore, knowing that you’re at your best will greatly BOOST your self-confidence.

I mean, wouldn’t you feel more RELAXED and LESS ANXIOUS because you’re aware of how well-put together you are?

In case anyone hasn’t told you, it’s this exact kind of attitude that makes you more eye-catching to women.

Neglecting your looks will make you tense and even apologetic for the very space you’re occupying.  That’s not a very attractive vibe to give off, now is it?

If you really want to seal the deal however, might I recommend an excellent book to bring out your seduction skills and self-confidence to the fullest. It is called “Make her crave you” and you can watch a brief video about it by following the banner below.

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After all, having a confident personality will help you succeed in ALL of your pursuits, whether it’s your career or a relationship.


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