Seduction Tips for Men … Written by a Woman

A Unique and New Approach to Attracting and Seducing Women for Men Written By a Woman

If like me you’ve been in the dating game for a while then you have no doubt come across quite a few sites promoting pickup guides and seduction tips for men, DVD’s and courses. You may even have tried a few yourself. I personally have probably spent a few thousand dollars on attraction and seduction education books.

Yes, some of these ‘gurus’ peddling their wares know what they are talking about. They are proper players who have been involved in the pick up game for a long time and know what works and what doesn’t, but most of these “pick up artists” clearly don’t and are just in this industry for a quick buck.

Seduction tips for men … written by a woman

In the best part of 10 years and after using dozens of guru’s material I didn’t come across ANYTHING that covered what I was looking for or that worked for me until I came across a collection of eBooks written by a woman. Yes, a woman teaching guys how to pick up women.

I remember first thinking to myself, “women don’t really know what women want, they just know what they THINK they want” but I’m afraid that I have to admit that on this occasion I was wrong, very wrong.

The fact that the books are written from a women’s perspective is the reason it’s actually such a good series of ebooks (3 volumes, from beginners, to intermediate to advanced). As a woman who has seen her fair share of guys trying to pick her up, Tiffany, actually knows all the dirty tricks girls play on guys and she isn’t afraid to spill the beans.

In her books she delves deep into the female psyche and really does expose a few “short cuts” and easy to press attraction buttons that are present in all women; and boy do they work.

guy gets girl course

Seduction tips for men … a step by step guide

Tiffany Taylor goes through it step by step; how to prepare yourself, how and where to actually find available women, the best ways to approach them and get talking … the whole nine yards.

In the books she answers some of the questions that have confused guys for years like:

  • What do women think when guys approach them and start a conversation? The guide gives you tips on how you can use this information to our advantage.
  • The things women REALLY care about most in a guy. I’ll let you in on a little secret: it is not good looks or fast cars.
  • How to create sexual chemistry with a woman without being an arrogant alpha male or the nice guy that always finishes last.

The guides really take you by the hand from beginner’s essentials like the importance of smiling, self-confidence up to the advanced, heavily psychological stuff. There really is something in there for everybody whatever your level with lots of really powerful techniques I’d never heard of before.

Oh, I almost forgot the most important part: She describes specific ways to “close” on a girl. That means either get her number, get her to ask for YOUR number, how to kiss a girl and meet up with her the next day and a whole lot more.

guy gets girl seduction course

Seduction tips for men … you can’t be without this guide if you are serious about picking up women

The GuyGetsGirl guide is ever expanding and currently stands at three thick, information packed volumes. Each one covers the attraction, seduction and dating game in detail and describes everything guys should and shouldn’t do to be successful in the field.

Although I’m sure Tiffany has taken some serious flak from her fellow women for revealing everything she has, I’m confident the massive thanks from millions of grateful men everywhere will provide a little comfort!

This series of ebooks is probably one of the most unique and fresh approaches to attraction and seduction I’ve seen in a very long time. All 3 editions of the best-selling guide are available for instant download at now and are well worth checking out.

guy gets girl course

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