My husband forgot a Mother’s Day present, so I had an affair with someone else

More mums sign up for affair dating the day after mother’s day than any other day.

The adult dating website is expecting another big spike in sign ups from women all over the country after mother’s day. According to their user and sign up data they noticed a 374 per cent increase in new female members signing up the days following mother’s day. This isn’t unusual as it is a trend they have been seeing for years and it coincides with data they have for other major dates in the calendar such as valentine’s day or christmas, but mother’s day does stand out in particular as it is such a noticeable family related date.

This wave of sign ups isn’t an isolated event particular to mynaughtyfriend. Other dating sites such as Ashley Madison in the US or match see higher than usual sign ups from women the days shortly after mother’s day as reported previously on the dailymail .

So why do so many women decide to sign up to an adult dating website the day after mother’s day? From survey’s among their members mynaughtyfriend have learned that there are a number of common factors which play a role in the rise in memberships.

Jane’s mother’s day story

Jane, a 46 year old receptionist from Manchester who asked us not to use her last name told us why she decided to sign up.

After I opened the mother’s day card I got from my husband Ian last year I actually got quite emotional and upset. We had been married for 20 years and I am the mother to our 3 children, but he hadn’t even thought to get me a present let alone flowers. I know that may sound quite petty and silly, but as any woman knows it is the small things that get you the most.

The whole fortnight leading up to mother’s day had actually been quite a depressing one. Doing another load of laundry from my son who is away at uni, doing another grocery shop down Tesco, it just made me feel old and “mumsy”. I felt I had lost all my sexiness and attractiveness and that is when I realised that my marriage was stuck in a rut.

Ian and I got married when we were in our mid twenties. Like with most newly weds things were great at first but they started to fall apart as soon as our kids arrived. Ian at 49 is only a couple of years older than me, but he might just as well be in his mid seventies. He has lost interest in me and he say he is always tired. We do still have sex, but it is only a fortnightly occasion and I would hardly call it passionate. When we have sex I never climax and I’m now at the stage that I go through the motions just to get it over with.

Then the day after mother’s day I came across an advert online for an adult dating website and I must admit that I signed up on a whim and maybe still a bit under the influence of the Prosecco.

Even though at first it was a big deal for me to use the site and talk to other men and women about sex it feel like I was cheating on my husband. On the contrary, I felt alive, sexy and wanted again. Straight after signing up started receiving messages from several men and couples, which was new to me. Some of the messages were a bit crass, but there were also a lot of funny and naughty ones.

Things progressed soon from messaging and talking in the chatroom to planning to arrange a meeting. I had been talking to a guy called James who I quite liked. He was 43 with 2 children, worked as a sales rep and by the sound of it his marriage was even more on the rocks than mine. His wife and him weren’t having sex at all.

James and I met up for lunch a week later after exchanging our first message. We met in a little restaurant about 30 miles away from each other’s homes and we ended up having a lot of fun drinking wine and getting to know each other. It wasn’t till a 4 weeks later and a few more informal coffees that we took things further and had sex in a Premier inn next to the M62. I’m well aware that that sounds quite seedy and illicit and maybe it is a little bit, but it was just what I needed. The first time we had sex wasn’t exactly mind blowing that first time because we were both very nervous, but things got better as time got on and we had a few more meetings.

At first cheating on my husband Ian was a big deal to me, but I didn’t feel guilty at all. These meetings with James were just physical and made me feel alive and sexy again. I didn’t tell anyone, not even my best friends. it felt quite exciting and exhilarating having this big secret all to myself.

After our initial meeting James and I met about once a month for 7 months, but then things changed a bit. James cancelled a few of our meetings or started making excuses, which upset me a bit because by then I had sort of developed a crush on him, almost fallen in love. I never told him because I knew fine well that he wanted to keep our affair strictly casual, friends with benefits as he sometimes referred to it. I knew he would never leave his wife or family despite all the ups and downs and deep down neither did I. Eventually we both stopped texting each other and things just came to an end.

After this first affair I had I revalued things a bit in my mind, what I had enjoyed about the whole experience and what I didn’t and learned some lessons from it. My affair with James was not my last on mynaughtyfriend and I met a few other guys and chatted and flirted with a few more. I even had my first experience with another couple, which was very exciting.

Things at home haven’t changed much in the bedroom, we still have our fortnightly session. However I hate to say that after experiencing sex with other people, I have realised that I have missed out on a lot over the years during my marriage, but it doesn’t bother me at all because I can compensate this with other people.

One thing I have learned though after that fateful and terribly disappointing mother’s day is that mothers don’t always need to wait for other people to pamper them. They can take matters into their own hands and have fun elsewhere if they don’t feel appreciated in the bedroom at home.

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* All the names in the story have been changed to protect identities.