4 Saucy Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life!

Sex is a healthy, fundamental component of all good relationships. It unites men and women everywhere, both physically and emotionally and allows both the guy and the girl to truly unleash and express their animalistic AND sensual sides. But not everybody’s sex life is perfect – things slow down, the energy seems to disappear and things aren’t as fun or exciting as either of you would like. In short, your sex life could do with a breath of fresh air and a kick up the back side so things can improve.

So what can you do to get back (or even create for the first time) that special spark that made great sex so … well, great? We have put together 4 top tips to spice up your sex life, which can help you to reignite that spark and get things moving again in the bedroom.

Sex tip 1: PLAY GAMES.

The thing that often grinds sex lives to a halt and makes lovemaking become so much of a hassle is the pressure and responsibility that surrounds the whole subject. For the man, there’s the burden of having to make his partner reach her own climax. For the woman, there’s the strain of making sure her man is sexually satisfied and not bored. Otherwise he may be liable to go looking elsewhere for sex or questioning the stability and longevity of the relationship they’re both in.

To counteract these negative pressures, try making having sex a less traditional, scheduled, boring task. Instead, pick a couple of fun games that you can play together that are fun and flirty and that can lead casually and smoothly into the actual sex. Twister, strip poker and spin-the-bottle are all great games that incorporate physical contact and allow both you and your partner to have a little no-hassle, no-responsibility fun that does or doesn’t have to lead to a bout of impromptu lovemaking. You could even try some naughty games which are especially made for couples.


People often have a very 2-dimensional outlook on the nature of sex and how they should go about having it. Despite what some of the magazines or films may lead you to believe the vast majority of people only have sex in the bedroom. And even that happens to a set routine, lights dimmed or off, the same progression through the various stages of sex. A little foreplay, intercourse in missionary and maybe doggy if the guy’s lucky and the girls feeling up to it, then it’s pretty much over.

Even if your personal situation has more life than that, sex in the bedroom can still become a drag after a while. So, switch it up. Think about different locations you can use: the living room, bathroom, kitchen…consider all possibilities, even if they at first seem far-fetched and silly.

Also, think about locations away from the home once in a while. Motels and cheap hotels offer a couple a fresh place to explore each other.

Secondly, improvise and experiment with the positions you use. Missionary, girl on top, spoons, and doggy are all great, but always try to mix in a few more unusual, adventurous ones to spice things up.

Even if you find yourself in a tangle with your partner, you’ve still had fun and been spontaneous, which is a key component of any great sex life.


Something few men and women do is talk to their partners about what turns them on, about things they’d like to try, scenarios they’d love to act out, etc. etc. Make telling your partner about things that turn you on a regular thing and, in return, you listen to their previously private fantasies and day-dreams. If doing it face-to-face is too embarrassing, consider sending saucy messages via email or text message. You’ll find that after reading about what really gets your partner going, you’ll be much more excited and motivated to please them sexually, and they’ll feel the same way back!


When you do the same thing many times, even if it started out feeling new and exciting, it can get a little run-of-the-mill and boring. So, to inject a real sense of passion and renewed excitement into your sex life, make certain evenings special nights in (or out, then in!). Go the whole way to making it feel almost like a celebration and do whatever’s necessary to separate it from your usual lovemaking sessions. Popular favourites include getting dressed up separately from your partner, perhaps at a friend’s house, then meeting them in a restaurant for a meal. Then, on returning home, you can indulge each other with a slow and sensual massage or perhaps carry out one or more of the fantasies you’ve been hinting to each other about. From there, sex can begin – maybe on the floor of the living room or even on the stairs – remember, impulsiveness and adventurousness are a turn on, use them to kick-start your sex life!

This article comes courtesy of W. Wilcox  who is the expert author of Orgasmology, an online guide that coaches men on the special techniques that make up the science of explosive sex and multiple orgasms.

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