How to have sex on a plane?

It is one of those things that speaks to the imagination of a lot of frequent travellers: how to have sex on a plane and join the mile high club. Some people say the mile high club is a myth, many will fantasise about it, but very few get to actually join.

Especially these days with heightened security on board and cramped airplanes which can be intimidating.

What is the Mile High Club?

But what is the mile high club? The Mile High Club official website (yep there is an official website) defines it as:

“two people engaging in sexual activity (sexual intercourse) at an altitude of no less than 5,280 ft (a mile high above the earth) in an airplane.”

Of course the mile high isn’t a real “club” you can join as such. It is more a badge of honour or bragging rights for people who have managed to have sex on board of an airplane while flying. And we aren’t talking about private jets with all the mod cons and fully kitted out bedrooms where you can get busy with you love interest to you hearts content. No we are talking about having sex in public on board of regular scheduled planes. For anyone who has ever flown with Easyjet to Magaluf during the summer holidays this is all part of the regular inflight entertainment, but for the majority of people who fly inflight sex can be a bit more difficult.

Apart from the fact that having sex on a plane in public is (technically) illegal, you also have to content with cabin crew, nosy passengers or drinks trolleys passing by. Not to mention the fact that it would look pretty suspicious to watch two people sneak off to the toilet together. However, if you do want to try and slip one in on your next flight we may have the solution the problem.

American comedian Jimmy Tatro has found a way to get round this problem in his hilarious sketch which you can watch below.

With the festive holiday season upon us it is certainly something to try out on your next flight, just make sure you don’t get caught!

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